What is The Personal Affairs Portfolio?

The Personal Affairs Portfolio is the perfect system to help you organize, record and store your important information for quick retrieval.  Safely, securely and conveniently.  This comprehensive management system makes it easy to plan ahead for some of life’s biggest challenges. With everything in order, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing your most important information is readily accessible on a flash drive, your computer or in a handy binder.  You choose.  

Do I Need The Personal Affairs Portfolio?

Being prepared for your future can provide you with greater peace of mind, knowing someone can manage your life decisions if the need arises. Likewise, it can be a huge help when you need to do the same for someone else. The Personal Affairs Portfolio is smart for you, your family members and others who may depend on you. We urge you to gather and store that vital information now to avoid any missteps in the future. provides you with the forms and resources you need to get you organized and prepared. 

What is The Emergency Planning Portfolio?

The Emergency Planning Portfolio, (EPP) was created to help you prepare for life’s unexpected events. It’s a system of helpful information, useable checklists and suggested tasks to prepare your house and family.  The checklists include, creating an emergency plan with members of your household, stocking an emergency kit, preparing your pets, knowing available resources, and more. The checklists are actual checklist that you can check-off and reuse or reprint.

Do I Need The Emergency Planning Portfolio?

It’s up to you although climate driven events and extreme weather are on the rise, and natural disasters are always a possibility. And according to the American Red Cross, house fires account for 90% of their relief efforts. So what can you do? You can make the time for Proactive Planning and Preparation.  Plan with your family and prepare your home for different emergency and disaster situations, so you are not caught off-guard. Do you know how to prepare for a weather event or a disaster?

What are the Benefits The Portfolios?

  • Has everything you need to plan and prepare for many of life’s unexpected events. 

  • Easy to use system system of checklists and fillable forms that can changed, updated and printed.

  • Confidence that you can prepare your house, your family and your paperwork !

  • Provides safe and convenient access to crucial documents, even during stressful times.

Using the PortfolioS


What is the difference between the Portfolios and Single and the Couple Forms?

The Emergency Portfolio comes set up with forms for a family and/or a couple.

The Personal Affairs Portfolio is set-up for a single person and if you choose Couple, there will be another file with the additional forms for a second person.

What is included in my Emergency Planning Portfolio?

Your Emergency Planning Portfolio includes information about disaster relief organizations along with checklist that you can print out and use to prepare your family and home for an emergency. It also includes the Personal Affairs Portfolio. Which is a system of forms to help you record your personal and family information, assets, financials, wills and power of attorney, final wishes and monthly bills. There is a handy guide and notes section to help you stay organized and efficient. If you are missing copies of important documents, click on our Resources Section and you can find out where to get what you need — your birth certificate, Social Security card, passport, military records, and more. 

Why should I maintain my parents' essential records?

I’ve found that we have a tendency to let our parents be, particularly, with their personal affairs. It’s your parents and it’s private. We don’t step in until things have started to fall apart. Some signs are, their system of organizing mail is not what it was, bills may not be getting paid or they are buying unnecessary items.

Now is the time for your parents to organize their personal information for a smooth transition when they need help. Here is a link to a story in the Wall Street Journal, the Difficult, Delicate Untangling of Our Parents' Financial Lives.  Read this article and you will understand how planning ahead will save so much time!  Completing the portfolio now will give peace of mind to you and your parents, knowing that you have the information needed to make decisions in time of need. 

If my information changes, can I update my records any time?

We recommend that you update your information regularly, and if you sign up for our mailing list we will send quarterly reminders.


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