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Top 10 Time Wasters – Starting with a Lack of Organization

For many of us, a lack of organization causes us to lose precious time. Think of how often you can’t find something and how long it takes to track down. The old adage “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is still great advice.

Take a minute right now to consider the top 10 time wasters and how they may be getting in the way of your best life:

1. Lack of Organization. Is clutter a constant companion? If papers are strewn over tabletops and your personal space looks like a flea market, it’s likely you dabble in disorganization.

2. Poor Planning. Without a clear idea of how you will tackle your To Do list, you can spend too much time wondering where to start.

3. Procrastination. It’s easy to put off a difficult task that we’d rather avoid than address. But procrastination simply makes it longer to complete.

4. Multitasking. This might seem like a good strategy because we are doing two things at once. But it can actually lead to errors and other inefficiencies. Better to have a single focus.

5. Distractions. Whether it’s gazing out the window or getting caught up in Facebook updates, there are plenty of things to distract us from our goals.

6. Interruptions. The phone rings, the emails come in, the co-worker pops in to say hello….every interruption is like a pause button on your productivity.

7. Perfectionism. If you are never satisfied with your performance, you may keep trying to make it better and never let yourself say ‘enough is enough.’

8. Disconnects. When you get the wrong information or you give unclear instructions, it results in wasted effort that needs to be corrected.

9. Not Delegating. Sure, you can do it all. But if you enlisted the help of your family or co-workers, you could accomplish more in less time.

10. Lack of Organization. Oh, did we already cover this? Well, it bears repeating because organization matters.

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For some additional advice on tackling time wasters, check out Inc. magazine’s article “8 Things Really Efficient People Do” and read 10 Strategies for Better Time Management by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.