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Purchase your Personal Affairs Portfolio for one affordable, flat rate and get:
  1. All CaptureYourInfo Forms to complete and store and/or print
  2. Helpful Online Tips for Completing Forms in video and text format
  3. Phone Assistance for Customer Service
  4. Plus: Handy Resources and Update Reminders
  5. One-Year Free Enrollment in our Secure Online Form Retrieval System. ($50 billed annually thereafter for access to stored forms*)

Ask yourself:

  • Have you organized all your important information so that someone else could manage the business of your life?
  • Are you or your partner the “bill payer” and business manager for your family? Do you both know the system well enough to handle everything that must be done?
  • Do you know the crucial details of your parents’ affairs? Are they prepared for their retirement? Do they have a will?

Don’t wait until this information is urgently needed!

Capture Your Info offers a total solution: the Personal Affairs Portfolio – an easy way to get organized, be prepared, and make life easier for you and your loved ones. It provides a whole range of forms to help everyone keep accurate and complete records of their most important information.

It is also very useful as a checklist to be sure you have all the most important legal documents in order.

And with our secure online form retrieval system you’ll have no worries about where to find your information, no matter when you need it. Simply log in with your user name and password – every form you complete is safely stored and ready to be retrieved.