The Personal Affairs Portfolio Organizer | Couple Download


The Personal Affairs Portfolio Organizer | Couple Download


The Personal Affairs Portfolio for Couples and Famiies

In your family, who is responsible, for what we call, the family business? The business of paying the bills, making financial decisions, organizing important papers, documents and even opening the mail? 

If you run the family business have you ever taken the time to show anyone your system?  Is it easy to figure out? 

If it’s not you, can you imagine how lost you’d be if you were suddenly thrown into the job. Would it be easy?  Where would you start? 

Take care of your loved ones and give the gift of knowledge.  

 The Personal Affairs Portfolio is an easy-to-use system that guides you to compile all this information together and in one place, so it’s easily accessible when needed. It also encourages you to have conversations with your partner and/or your family about the day-to-day business, your goals, your estate and the specific wishes you have for your future. 

Perfect for getting information from an aging parents too.  You never know when you may need it.  Get their information while they can still give it to you.


Security of Your Information Is In Your Hands.  Store your Portfolio download on your computer, a flash drive or print and store in a binder for easy access.

A Link to Download The Personal Affairs Portfolio Will Be Emailed To You. 

  • The Personal Affairs Portfolio is a combination of checklists, fill-in forms, letter writing templates, and folders to store documents, videos and photos.

  • The Portfolio covers over twenty areas of your life, such as, identification documents, family and household members, pets and their needs, finances, banking, monthly bills, credit cards, assets, personal income, investments, insurance policies – you can review coverage, must-have legal documents, past tax storage, real estate, medical summary, medications, passwords, final wishes, funeral preferences, household inventory and more. 

  • Quick Start Guide with helpful tips gives guidance for completing your Portfolio.

  • Blank Note Pages for managing your "To Do's."

  • Folders for uploading important documents, photos, and videos. Video is an easy way to inventory your house for estate and insurance needs using the 2G of storage.

  • List of Resources provides sources to help you find copies of your missing documents and other useful organizations.

    • It’s imperative that single people complete their must-have documents to protect themselves and their estate. Recommendations with links are available in the Resources Section.

  • The Portfolio is user-friendly. Just fill in the sections that are pertinent to you and make updates whenever you have changes. 

  • Consider purchasing one of our unique binders to store a printed copy of your Portfolio.  Available in the Buy Now Section.  

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